Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updates of life.

Grand Adventures have been scarce in our life lately and let me tell you why.
NO SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We ended out camping season on a high note and prepared for our winter season to be just as great. We bought our ski passes, broke out all our snow clothes, and packed away our summer gear. It was an exciting time. We talked about all our big plans for the winter ski season. We sat and waited for the snow.And we are still waiting. Denver got a sprinkle... and the mountains got about a foot, but then the good ole Colorado sun showed its lovely face and melted all the snow away. We are dry as a bone. It is very disappointing. It has made our own leisure life difficult, but it has made planning for guests even more difficult. All summer activities are over, but there aren't any snow activities to replace them. Bummer.
Home sweet home?!!?
Bryan and I have begun the multiple conversations and hard decisions on whether or not to purchase a home. We have never even thought about buying a house here because it was always a possibility that we would move, but we have recently discussed if moving is the right choice for us and our hopeful future family. We love Denver so much... why move?! So... we have been out every Saturday/Sunday driving up and down streets in neighborhoods we can afford and like. Searching for "For Sale" signs. We have found a handful that we like. Bryan has found one that is a junker, but he has a vision. He believes we can get it cheap and fix it up. I agree... we could... we have the skills and abilities. But I'm not certain I want to. Ugh- my stomach does a flip just thinking about it. This house is a wreck. yuk. The search continues... we will know more in the spring.
Am I barren!?
Bryan went and got tested... its not him. I have a hilarious and possibly embarrassing statistic on him. I won't share it on here because I have a few people in mind who read this... and they will say with severe disgust "TMI". haha. Feel free to ask me privately. I think it is extremely humorous.
I go in Monday (12/10) to see if I am broken. When we get the results from that test- we will have the joy of sitting down, making a million phone calls to insurance companies to find out the price of each possible treatment, and finally making a decision. Not looking forward to that one.
Bryan was given an extra responsibility at work. It is the kind of thing that they only give to employees with 'promise', but it also one of those things that is going to take a lot of extra work and it is possible his original job and responsibilities might suffer. He was asked to be Summer Camp Director for 2013. This means for the entire summer he will LIVE at camp and direct everything. Yes... LIVE AT CAMP. He is given his own cabin.. I am allowed to go live at camp as well, and I will part time. I will go down there and live for a handful of days at a time. I can't stay down there permanently because then my job might begin to suffer. We are both pretty excited about this new role for Bryan. And I am most excited because they have horse stables down there... and I will be able to hang out at camp and help wherever I want. You know I'm going to be at the stables everyday! This Camp Director job is going to make camping non existent for the summer which is sad, but this important for Bryan's career. Sacrifices must be made.
I am entertaining the thought of writing a children's book. This is something I have always wanted to do. And there is a book store here that has 'self publishing classes'. You go to workshops and they teach you the process of writing a book, and you can find a small time publisher that will help print a very small amount of books and they will sell them. I'll keep you posted.

The End!

Merry Christmas... NOT Happy Holidays.

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  1. totally wanna know your random fact. Sounds entertaining! Also, that job of his sounds amazing.

    STABLES? I am so jealous.

    And no worries, God has a perfect planned figured out for you and your family. I'll be praying for you until your appointment!