Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lamento llegar tarde

You would think I would be able to blog more regularly since I work at home- BUT... no. ha

OK... Let's get started.

First of all... I am broken. I went to the Doc and I have a pinched fallopian tube. It can be fixed 'surgically' but since I have other obstacles (epilepsy, age, Bryan's not perfect sperm) it was suggested I go and see a fertility Dr. Well.... our insurance doesn't cover anything with reproductive assistance. Bryan and I will have to pay out of pocket anything we decide to do. I made the appointment for at the fertility clinic BUT... the clinic visit is $250 alone. That is just sitting and talking to the Dr. *sigh* We have decided to try a few other things first. Right now I am doing some acupuncture. I will do this for up to 6 months and see how that goes. If no results happen there... we will move forward with IVF ($$$). And the final plan is adoption.
Bryan and I remain positive. We aren't as stressed or sad as I expected. And I feel that people are shocked to find out that Bryan and I aren't freaking out. The very thin silver lining in this situation... when people start hassling me about not having kids I can say "I can't have kids..." and I get to see their face of horror, embarrassment  and pity. I enjoy it very much.
Happy New Year. We had a mellow yellow NYE. We went to a friends house ate food and lit wishing lanterns. Everyone wrote a wish they had for 2013- we lit them and let them fly. Bryan and I wrote "Peace, Love, and Babies" lol.

Houses. We stopped the search for a house. They are too expensive and the possibility of Bryan moving with his job is still too high. I would hate to drop all that money on a house and 6 months later find out that Bryan is up for promotion somewhere totally awesome, but we can't move. That would be no good! Therefore... apartment life for us!!! Which I don't mind. I really like our apartment. And we both enjoy the area. There is a sprouts coming in not too far away, and a Trader Joes is being built about 5 blocks away. It is going to be great.
Valentine's Day. We typically don't do anything for V-day because it is not enjoyable to fight the rest of the population for a dinner/movie date. We usually cook at home and rent a movie. But this year we had the opportunity to go to a Valentines Day dance help by a local Boy Scout Troop. It was so cute. So Bryan and I got dressed up and went to a V-day dance! I don't have any pictures : ( Sorry.
Recreational life!? Kinda.
The snow hasn't been great, but it also hasn't been horrible. We bought 2 4pack ski passes. One at Winter Park and the other at A-Basin. We have used all but 1. We will be able to use that in a few weeks. Colorado just got a big dump of snow. It extended the ski season! Hooray. Please enjoy a few pictures of our snow activities:

Other winter activities: When Aubrey came to visit we went to Winter Park and did a little town adventure race. There were about 10 'tasks' that had to be completed. It was so much fun. I will definitely be doing that again next year. Enjoy:

 This picture below has a short story: We all agreed to make a funny face really close to the lens. And as you see.... Aubrey cheated. She said that she made a face, but didn't wait long enough for the picture to be taken. Sure Aubrey.

Summer Camp. We are still moving forward with living at camp this summer. But the really fun part is I found out we will have a part-time house mate. There is a guy that goes from camp to camp and when he is a Dobbins he will be staying with us *enter uneasy grin*. Oye.
And on the subject of living at camp. Bryan and I will be going down there the last week of May to get it ready. I haven't seen it yet, but Bryan says its pretty nasty. We will see.... I'm sure it just needs a little TLC, elbow grease, and a woman's touch. Good thing my dad will be in town for a few days of that weekend... he can help! hehe. We will get a small allowance for materials, but we will do all the work. Work that possibly includes, but not limited to, tiling a shower, painting, improving kitchen cabinetry, and who knows what else. Eeek.

Bryan and I had a date night to a place called Jump Street. I think it is really meant for children and youth, but that didn't stop us. I bought a groupon and we made a night of it. We had a blast and that is probably the only reason I bring it up. I wouldn't tell you about the time we went out to dinner on a date night! lol. Here are a few videos of our experience. I would like to point out that I STILL have high school cheerleading skills. Recognize. Sorry they are sideways!

That is all.
Talk to you again in another couple months... when my Aunt texts me to remind me of my blogging fail. Hi Kanda!

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