Friday, November 2, 2012


I am conflicted with how I feel about Facebook.
On one hand... I LOVE IT. I love to post pics of the things I am doing so people can see, and I love when my friends post pics of their life. And to be perfectly and horribly honest... I get a small amount of satisfaction to see the 'popular' people in HS that are now overweight, in a crappy job, and single.
It is karma at its finest.

But the number one problem I have with FB that has made me doubt its awesomeness is the sense of security and false bravery it gives people. Internet courage. People will say things on there that they would never say in person. The reason I can point it out in others is because I don't think I say anything on my FB that I wouldn't say to someones face.

I had a recent occurrence that really rubbed me the wrong way. I will not go into it because it is a long and boring story if you don't know the person. But the short of it is- this person must have had a nervous breakdown because her personality took a turn for the worse. She updated her FB like every 2 hours about the strangest things. It became a roller coaster of emotions because some of her updates were about my job and my boss (who I really care for). I stopped commenting on her page but I couldn't make myself defriend her because her FB was like a horrific car crash... I couldn't look away. So finally she defriended me for "my own safety" -whatever the crap that means. I was sad because I know she was going to start talking some serious trash about my job, boss and now me, but glad because it was so draining. It gave me sense of relief
So the caddy women in me turned red and I posted this....
Well... I posted it publicly because I have nothing to hide. And all hell broke loose. I got a nasty text message to never contact her again.

I will stay on Facebook, but I am going to try to keep it positive. Positive out... positive in.

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