Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We are an All-American non-profit family.
Bryan- Boy Scouts of America (BSA)
Missy- Project Sanctuary (supports military families)

Bryan loves his job and so do I.

I never fully understood how important it is to like your job. I've always been pretty good at turning off my job brain and then going home and having my life brain. But now that I have a great job.... I see I don't have to do that. It's pretty awesome.

Bryan can't turn his job brain off. It is ALWAYS going. That makes things a little hard occasionally. But I would rather Bryan like his job and always be talking/thinking about it... than hate his job and always being cranky. His job works really well with his personality. He works for an organization that has the same morals as he does, and he wants to put his children in BSA some day. If you don't want to put your family through what you do for a living... I think that is a bad sign.

But working for BSA right now is kind of hard. They have had a rough 6 months in the medias eye.
First it was the fact that they don't allow homosexual individuals be leaders. Then it was the release of a list that BSA had collected over 30 years ago that had peoples names on it. These people weren't allowed to be leaders for one reason or another- Some were because of child abuse history others were because they embezzled money. This list was compiled before we lived our life on the Internet and email. This list was passed around so a child abuser couldn't be denied at one location.... then travel one state over and join a pack there. It wasn't kept a secret- but why would they broadcast this list. I told Bryan... BSA wasn't going to win. They didn't spread this list so they were accused of 'keeping a secret' but if they had shared the list they would have been accused of  'purposefully ruining someones life". UGH.Then that kid went on the Ellen DeGeneres show talking about how BSA won't give him his Eagle Pin because he is gay. I would like to point out that.... BSA is a private organization. And they don't have to do anything if they feel it doesn't align with their morals or mission statement. That boy was not required to join BSA and they have never been shy about their position of homosexuality. So I don't know why he (and other people across the US) are all of a sudden surprised that BSA is taking this position.
Whew... that was a rant if I ever wrote/read one.
my bad.

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