Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Finding friends isn't easy.

Finding (and keeping) friends in college is easy. But as an adult it is much harder. Especially now when we are all in the age range of having children. I made my 2 best friends in college and then when we graduated... they moved away (jerks). And even though we drifted apart as is the natural progression of such things I still consider them very special. They saved me. I was so lucky to be loved by these two ladies. And since I had found these amazing friends I figured I had already met my rationed amount of friends and wasn't allowed anymore. haha
So when we moved to CO we made peace with the fact that we probably wouldn't find friends like we had in college. Plus the fact that Bryan is A LOT to take in and he isn't everyone's cup of tea- we figured it would be just us. Boy was I wrong. Although no one will ever come close to the relationships we had in college- I feel we have found a close second.

The group of people we found in CO are a true blessing. We are very similar in our outlook of life. And they are "fly by the seat of your pants' kind of people. We could call almost any of them for an impromptu dinner party and they wouldn't hesitate.... they would say "Yes... what can we bring".

There are 7 of us. The 'core' group. If you find one person of the core... the other 6 are probably close by.

We have monthly culture nights. I believe I have talked about them in the past. Well we take the summer off because everyone is camping and vacationing. This year we decided to have a local feast to mark the end of summer. We called it a local feast because it was our mission to make sure all the food was Colorado grown. It then turned into our 'End of summer local feast' because school was starting the following week.

This party has been my favorites so far. I loved it and it really brought to my attention how blessed Bryan and I are to have friends like this again.

Setting up the decor

Hanging the lights

Some of the food

The table

Sangria made from CO fruit and CO wine

The hosts

Quiche made from the chickens that our friends keep in their backyard.  : )

Handmade pizza. Dough made from a local pizzeria.

Apple pie made from the apples in Stacy's backyard.

Acknowledging the blessings we have in our lives.

The gang with a few special out of town guests!

The lights put a magical glow on our evening!

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